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I am a 50 year old man who is often gob smacked by this stupidity that is allowed to vote. If you are stupid, religious, political, male, female, oh fuckit if you are alive I will offend you at some point.

I live by a few simple dictums. If itís not going to matter in 12 months or 24 why stress. If it can be loved, love it, If you married her, donít be a fucking drama queen, talk to her and solve the problem.

I have been married for longer than my kids have been alive. I love the lady i married every day and tell her that. Does this mean we agree on everything, not at all but we donít pout and fight about shit that doesnít matter in the long run, we talk and solve the problem.

My kids are fucking awesome with their faults and foibles.

I am an anarchist at heart, this doesnít mean I want to break everything, thatís not anarchy, thatís stupidity. It means I believe in humans, We can do stuff without having unnecessary government, taxes and laws prescribing who and what we may be.

I am atheist, no I am not a satanist, Satanists are reverse Christians. In order to believe in Satan, you have to believe in God. I am however unashamedly anti Theist. Religion harms. There I said it. I believe that anything that divides us is harmful.

I hate God as much as I hate the tooth fairy, Peter Pan, Jack Reacher, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, The easter bunny, Santa Claus, a sensible Murican and any other fairy tale creature, Not at all because hating something that doesnít exist is stupid, it has no benefit. I do hate religion, liars, self entitled pricks, politicians, rapists, murderers, fucktards and people that hurt kids and animals, I will not apologise for that.

I have no pride in my ancestry, my skin colour or the nationality that I have. let me tell you why. I know that being proud of something that I have no part in is stupid. I didnít choose to be be born in Nelspruit of white parents and the owner of a 7 inch penis. (it seems to be shrinking though) These were all accidents of birth. How can I have pride in an accident?

I am very proud of the following, My business that I have built from nothing, My children that are capable and totally independent. (some of that bad parenting worked) I am proud of the fact that I chose such an awesome woman to marry. These are choices I made and are worthy of being proud of.

I take no responsibility for the sins of my father, his father or his before him. Those sins were theirs not mine. I take responsibility for my sins and mine only.

This blog will touch on religion, politics, sex, bikes, cars, wood work, DIY and much much more, I am a man of many interests and will talk about most of them at some time.

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