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SecularByNature is place that encourages the pursuit of truth, honesty, equality, and strong senses of humility and humor. We’re a collaborative forum created to discuss and share thoughts and ideas about world events from a secular viewpoint. We also enjoy interviewing and promoting some of our favorite secular and atheist personalities. We’re committed to dispelling common myths about secularism and atheism.

At times, it can seem overwhelming to attempt to refute the many myths and misconceptions about atheism. Atheists are unfairly slapped with the labels of being immoral, untrustworthy, and directionless, with some polls claiming that atheists are the least-trusted group in America, even below rapists and people observing non-Christian religions.

These negative perceptions of atheists are without warrant, but fortunately, reality provides us bountiful evidence to the contrary. Many of the world's greatest thinkers, scholars, researchers, technological pioneers, entertainers, and authors have been atheists, while many great atrocities have been wrongly attributed to atheism. Instead of letting these misconceptions about atheism linger on, I decided to compile a list titled Refuting 30 Common Myths About Atheism, and will be releasing them one-by-one in the upcoming weeks.

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