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The atheist Blog Roll is intended to provide an informative central database of blogs by/for atheists.  Although the topics covered by these blogs varies, we've noticed that the more common topics of atheist-run blogs tend to include:

  • atheism
  • skepticism and logic
  • science and technology
  • critical thinking
  • philosophy
  • cats
  • life
  • human rights
  • history
  • cross-cultural ethics and morals
  • social-economic and political systems
  • ...and so much more

To the upper-right is an enlarged version of our logo, which includes a variation of the famous internet "@" ("at") symbol encircled by an extra loop to emphasize the additional perspective that bloggers so generously share with the world in the form of the important content they produce.  The rainbow of colours in the backdrop represents the ubiquitous diversity that is common among atheists, and the world in general.

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